Braces: Truths and Falsehoods

Most of us wince involuntarily at the mention of ‘dentist’ and ‘braces’. These unfounded worries are very often the result of ill-informed opinions towards orthodontics. Thus, we channelled our inner Sherlock to shed light on the common myths and facts of getting braces. Hop on!


Myth 1:  Braces = Various shades of aches

Pain is not a benchmark for effectiveness in orthodontics. You should only feel a slight discomfort while wearing braces, because flexible wires are in use now. You can thank technology and new materials for that.


Myth 2:  Braces set off metal detectors

That’s no cause for alarm! Fact is, modern braces are made of lightweight metals that won’t trigger any detectors.


Myth 3:  Braces are for kids

While it’s best to wear braces from a young age, teens and adults can also reap the full benefits of orthodontics. Advances in technology and availability of improved braces have made it feasible for teenagers and adults to wear braces without any trade-offs.


Myth 4:  Braces need to be tight to work

Too Fast Too Furious, huh? Although a legit amount of force is required to reposition your teeth, too much tension right off the bat can actually hurt them. Typically, your orthodontist will move your teeth gradually, so that there is optimal tension and minimal discomfort.


Myth 5:  Braces mean I can’t have my favourite foods

That won’t be a problem if your favourite food is plain porridge! In all honesty, as long as you avoid the hard stuff, like nuts, cut up food into smaller pieces, and reduce intake of food and drinks with high sugar content, you’re fine. Otherwise, they might damage the brackets and wires used in the braces.


Myth 6:  I can’t play my instrument or any sports then

If you play your instrument with a mouthpiece, it may take 1 to 2 weeks of adjustment before returning to your usual form. You can request for a mouth guard from your dentist, and you’ll be good for any sports, even contact sports like football or rugby.


Myth 7:  I’m definitely getting my braces off at this fixed date!

Nah, not really. While your dentist may give you an estimated time frame for completion, your progress depends on various factors. Bone density, condition of braces and their accessories, state of oral health, and frequency of follow-up visits will interfere with your treatment. Just keep up with your oral hygiene and housekeeping, and you’ll be removing your braces soon enough.


Myth 8:  My teeth will remain straight forever after my braces are off

Once your teeth is certified straight and bite proper, braces will be removed. You will then be required to wear retainers for a number of years to hold your teeth in position. Slacking off on retainers will mean that your teeth may gradually shift and become crowded again.


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