What Is A Filling?

With generally two colours for the filling, there are tooth-coloured filling or amalgam filling materials for the gap in your tooth. Fillings help to restore teeth when they are decayed, chipped or damaged from teeth grinding and nail-biting. Besides returning to its normal shape, fillings will also prevent future tooth decay from occurring. The affected area is first cleaned and removed of any decayed material before it is filled with the tooth-coloured filling or amalgam filling. After the procedure, patients are usually advised not to bite on the tooth which was just restored.

Who Is Suitable For Fillings?

Depending on the state of your tooth, your dentist may recommend fillings as a solution. While fillings are long-lasting, it is prone to wear from years of chewing. If your existing filling has cracks or feels loose, it may cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort. Even if it does not, it is still important to consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Who Is Not Suitable For Fillings?

However, when the cavity is too big, there is a high risk of the filling dislodging from the tooth. In such cases, a crown is recommended to place over the tooth.

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