Working Clear Aligners Into Your Working Life

Hopefully, you have been working for just 8 hours daily, sans the time spent responding to the flurry of emails and Whatsapp messages your boss sends. Regardless of the hours spent, you must have, to some extent, wished for minimal distractions to maintain a respectable productivity level.

What if, some distractions turn out to be agents of positive change? Many adult patients had the same opinion about clear aligners when treatment was complete. Read on to discover the benefits of clear aligners in the workplace, across various job sectors.


Service Professionals

Singapore has a thriving and highly matured services industry, so naturally we have higher expectations (read: fussy) for service standards. Flight attendants, hotel concierges, F&B service crew and nurses are some of the occupations regarded as service professionals.

More often than not, you’d have to face customers or the public directly, so it’s always “Smiles at the ready!” With clear aligners being virtually invisible, almost no one will do a double take when you smile, save for your secret admirer/stalker. It is harder to project an impression of professionalism if you smile with teeth marked with metal braces, since people may still associate braces with adolescence.

It’s no secret that service staff in F&B and healthcare sectors rarely have meals on fixed schedules and at their own leisure. With customer turnaround times kept short, you have no choice but to keep lunchtime a brief affair. Clear aligners allow you to remove the aligners while eating and drinking, so that you can return to serving orders and attending to requests, without food scraps attached to the braces on your teeth. Convenient and hygienic, no doubt.


Front Desk Personnel

Another category of customer-facing profession, front desk personnel such as hotel and clinic receptionists have to attend to clients directly. As opposed to back office staff with less client interaction, receptionists are usually tasked with relaying information and requests from the customer to various other departments for further action.

Since you act as the figurative bridge between customer and business, you will required to have an encyclopaedic, or at least in-depth, knowledge of your company and services. And be ready to dispense useful information to enquirers clearly. Clear aligners allow you to speak confidently, with a pleasant smile to boot. I don’t discriminate against receptionists with conventional braces, but it’ll usually be harder for customers to listen attentively when they notice your braces.

Though clear aligners may cause difficulty in speaking clearly early on, this teething problem will improve when you get used to them. With practice, you can return to speaking with clarity and serve your clients with no misunderstanding.


Sales Representatives

The definition of a sales person has changed dramatically this last decade. Rising significance of social media platforms has contributed to a burgeoning generation of social media influencers and wannabes. New media personalities and bloggers have joined the rank of sales reps because their sponsored content hold sway over consumers.

But, let’s face it, there’s no greater influence than when a true blue sales rep introduces his/her product or service to you and answers your inquiry on the spot, face to face. If you are a sales rep yourself, you know how your enthusiasm and sincerity can spur your client into action.

You also need to explain your product or service in an articulate fashion, so your clients understand fully. Clear aligners can help you achieve that, even though you may experience some lisp in the early stages. It takes some getting used to, but eventually you’ll be back to speaking with crystal clarity again. Worthy investment, I daresay.

As is prevalent in all types of sales professions, time management is a vital factor of success. Since you’re fundamentally your own boss, you will take the initiative to contact clients and arrange meetups at their convenience and preferred times. This usually translates to scheduling your work-rest period around your clients’ preferences.


Clear aligners allow you to make fewer visits to your dentist, about once every 4-6 weeks. If you are really pressed for time, you can discuss with your dentist to provide a few sets of the clear aligners at once, so you can stave off the visits for when you’re freer. This flexible arrangement is a privilege you don’t get to enjoy with conventional braces, which requires you to visit every 3-4 weeks, regularly.


Hopefully, the advantages of choosing clear aligners have resonated with you. Need more information? The professional and friendly dentists over at Dr. Smile will be glad to assist you. Simply call us @ 6779 2788 or fill in the feedback form @ and we’ll contact you soon.