Tooth Extraction

When Do I Need A Tooth Extraction?

For both children and adults, tooth extraction is usually one of the options for solving toothache or teeth with problems. Some problems can include very shaky, badly decayed or broken teeth. This procedure is also required in other treatments such as to make way for dental implants or to reduce teeth crowding before wearing braces.

Tooth Extraction And Recovery

For a more manageable and comfortable experience, pain can be controlled by local anaesthesia. We often advise our patients to bite on a gauze hard for pressure to stop the bleeding once the tooth is pulled out. After the procedure, avoid rinsing as it may dislodge the blood clot from the tooth socket and affect the healing process. For a smoother recovery, you may also opt for softer liquid food and avoid hard, crunchy food.

Take Note

Prior to the treatment, do inform your dentist in charge of any medication you are taking or medical conditions such as the use of blood thinners and prosthesis. For example, the consumption of blood thinners may interfere with the clotting and healing process after the extraction. Thus, your dentist will be able to take extra precautions while performing the extraction.

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