Scaling And Polishing

Why Do You Need Scaling And Polishing?

While daily brushing and frequent flossing keep your teeth clean, it is not as effective in removing tougher deposits such as calcified plaque, more commonly known as tartar or calculus. Tartar can only be removed by professional cleaning.

Many people go for scaling and polishing to remove the external stains for a cleaner, shinier set of teeth. Apart from aesthetics, scaling and polishing smooth away minor imperfections and patches of rough texture on the teeth to protect against further plaque build-up. Long term accumulation of tartar and plaque will result in gum disease, thus it is important to get your teeth cleaned by the dentist.

When Do We Need To Scale And Polish Our Teeth?

To complement your good daily oral health routine, scaling and polishing are usually done during your half-yearly dental checkup. In order to maintain good oral health, half-yearly cleaning is recommended depending on the condition of your teeth.  Regular examination and cleaning of your teeth and gums are important in addressing and catching any cavities or gum diseases before it gets out of hand. Scaling and polishing your teeth every six months thus helps to clear out plaque and tartar from hard to reach areas that are tricky to brush.

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