Root Canal Treatment

What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

If you experience pain and sensitivity to hot or cold sensations, you may have an infected pulp. It can eventually lead to an abscess, which is an inflamed area that collects pus and cause swelling in other areas on the face beyond the teeth. In order to save the remaining tooth structure, your dentist may suggest a root canal treatment.

Before the commencement of treatment, any pain will be controlled and managed by anaesthesia to make it a comfortable experience for the patient. The infected pulp tissues are first carefully removed and upon disinfection, the inside of the tooth is then sealed. Pain should be relieved after the first visit, if not a second disinfection visit is indicated. This procedure will generally take about two to three visits, with the last visit meant for sealing up of the root canals.

When Is This Treatment Required?

There are different causes to an infected pulp, which includes deep caries that reach the pulp, trauma to the teeth or a cracked tooth. When the pulp is infected, root canal treatment is indicated to prevent further infection and solve the pain problem. Depending on the state of the tooth structure, posterior teeth root canal treatment will usually require a crown after the treatment.

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