Crowns And Bridges

What Are Crowns And Bridges?

There are various ways to replace a damaged tooth or missing teeth. As a permanent solution, crowns and bridges are a prosthesis to restore teeth and provide protection. To prevent further damage, a crown is a cap over the existing tooth, which will be cemented into place using permanent cement. The natural tooth will be reshaped into a smaller size to allow the installation of the crown.

On the other hand, for more than one missing tooth, your dentist may suggest a bridge instead. Consisting of false teeth attached between two crowns, a bridge uses the surrounding teeth adjacent to the missing teeth gap as an anchor to hold the bridge in position. 

Usually completed after two visits, patients will be able to get back the original shape and size of their teeth along with its functionality. Until the permanent crown or bridge is made, temporary ones will be given in the interim.

When Are They Required?

Take a look at the types of situations that crowns and bridges come in handy:

  • When a cavity is too large for a filling and the tooth structure is weak on its own
  • Once a dental implant has integrated with the jawbone, a crown is then fixed onto the abutment.
  •  Usually required after a root canal on posterior teeth.

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